Power Of Handshake:Technique for Effective Conversation


Shaking hands is a gesture used in the caveman era. Whenever caveman met, they would hold their arms out with their palms up to show that no weapons were being held. The modern form of this ancient gesture is the interlocking palms which are performed both on initial greeting and on departure. Why there is a need to learn how to do a proper handshake?In day-to-day life, we meet various people around us. Whenever we meet a new person we greet them with a handshake. Experiments of scientists revealed that one of the following three basic attitudes will be transmitted unconsciously when we do a handshake.


1.Dominance:'this person is trying to dominate me or taking the control.I'd better be cautious'. 

2.Submission:'I can take control over this person or give the control'.

3.Equality: 'I like this person. We'll get on well together'. For creating a good rapport with people we should know these basic attitudes because it helps us to know other person and it also shows the right way to do handshake so we can create our first impression better and create a good rapport. We can use this technique in day-today life or while meetings, office works, etc.

4.Dominance - Dominance is communicated when a hand is turned down (dark sleeve) so that the palm faces down in the handshake. The figure below illustrates it. This shows that the person attaining this posture wants to take control of the other. Studies and research have revealed that this is not the proper way of creating rapport.


Submission This gesture is used when a person wants to give control to another person or allow him to feel he is in control. In this gesture, your palm should be up. The figure below illustrates it. It is the reverse of dominance. Equality This is the right way of creating rapport. With this handshake style, there are no winners or losers and no one feels intimidated. It makes it easier for everyone to feel open to new ideas, less judgemental of each other and even make them feel closer. To attain this gesture there are two steps first hold the palms straight-not dominant or submissive, but equal second, give the same grip pressure that you receive. The figure below illustrates it.


Note: Don't use a Double-hander handshake. For us it's objective may be to welcome, to show warmth and trust in another person. But, it has the complete opposite effect on the receiver. Always use a single-handed handshake. 

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