3 Signs your EGO is out of Control


Three signs prove that your ego is out of control and you have to forget your ego because of it harmful for relationships and friendships also. If you have too much ego then you will never be a successful person in your life. In all things, ego matters too much so reduce your ego and live a good life. So now I am going to tell you these signs and if you want to know these signs then read this entire article and if you want more lifestyle tips and relationships tips then please follow this channel and let's start.


1 You don't have patience 

If you don't have patience and you get angry very fast then you have an ego and your ego is out of control and it may be harmful to you.

2 You refuse to other's advice 

If you refuse to other's advice when they want to help you then this is the clear sign you have too much ego and you have to control it.

3 You don't care about other's feelings 

If you care about only your feelings and other's feeling are not matters to you then it indicates that your ego is out of control.

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