Time is Money and Money is Time; I totally Disagree!!


Time and Money are both very important but each in their own way. You can’t compare time with money or money with time.

That being said Time to me stands out because it can never be reversed once it’s gone, it’s gone. On the other end, money is always there. There are many ways to make money, any amount you want. There are no limits with this. You can do whatever you want with the money you make. But time is limited. It’s a mystery you are not really sure how much time you have on this earth. No matter what you do you cannot add hours to a day and say it can be 25 hours instead of 24 hours.

I don’t know about you but to me, spending quality time with someone is better than spending money on that person. When you spend time and create memories with the people you care about that’s all that matters. That is what they will remember.

And I am not saying that you should ignore going out there to work hard and earn yourself living so as you can provide and have a good life to yourself and others, which is also very important. I am just saying there has to be a balance and know what really matters in your life and then decide what your priority is.

Depending on the situations that you have in your life you have to know what has to be a priority at that moment.

Bottom line is those moments that you spend with the people you care and who care about you are the ones that are going to make your life meaningful; I mean there is no reason having a lot of money and not have someone to enjoy with.

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