How Comparison Can Damage You

This is so serious than you think. Before I continue with this topic. I want you to look yourself in the mirror right now and say this words, “I love myself the way I am, and there is nothing wrong with me. There is no one like me.” Let’s proceed.

Thanks to technology, we now have access to almost everything. The world has become like a village. We are just a phone call away now from someone living in another continent. We see a lot and hear a lot too. We have different social media platforms from the ones with videos, pictures, live stuff and written details. According to your preference you can choose what genre you would want to view either for learning or entertainment purposes.

There is no doubt of how much technology has simplified our lives. People have created a living through it, communication is made easy and so are the ways in obtaining knowledge.

With all of this, it becomes harder and harder to not compare your life or even question yourself from the things you see. There is a lot of freedom in social media, people post their life styles, their work, what they have and also what they know. A lot of us have been caught up with all of this and begin to compare our life styles, how we look, what we do and even we what we have with what we see.

People have gone through depression just trying to fix their lives so that they can be, have or look like the people they see on either instagram, youtube or facebook. They see themselves as not enough.

It’s so sad but it’s true. I means kids are growing up believing that for someone to be considered beautiful they have to do make up, have a certain body shape and act a certain way. They miss that opportunity to be themselves and accept who they are.

I don’t mean to be religious here; but this topic is so close to my heart. So I just need to get this out there. If we believe that God is perfect and he doesn’t make mistakes, and among all creations that he created he made you in his image and likeness; I mean what more reason do you need to feel worthy and special the way you are?


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