5 Things That Only Introverts Will Understand


To determine your temperament, it is not necessary to pass psychological tests. You are prone to introversion if you have noticed these strange things.


1. You do not leave your house until your neighbor leaves If you live in a flat and hear that you neighbor is in the hall, closing his door or preparing to go out, you wait until he leaves to open your door and go out. You do not want to meet and interact with the neighbor without any reason. Yes, it is strange, but sometimes introverts hide even from the sweetest people just to avoid having small conversations with them. 


2. You secretly rejoice when your friends cancel the meeting Not to become a hermit, sometimes you have to go to meetings with friends. But when the general plans are canceled, you are rejoicing in your heart: you can stay at home without making efforts to look sociable. 


3. You feel awkward at a party Despite the dislike for noisy companies, there are events that can’t be avoided: corporate parties, a friend's wedding, or a New Year's feast with relatives. The first thought that visits you at any meeting is “What am I doing here?!”


4. The Internet for you is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle Introverts feel better with the formulation of thoughts on paper than with a conversation. It is difficult for you to communicate in life, but on social networks, you feel like a fish in the water.


5. You shy away from sales assistants while shopping How This is understandable: it is easier to find the right model and size yourself than to have a conversation with a stranger.

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