Gratitude : Don't take things for granted!!

Among the practices that most people lack behind in doing is practicing gratitude. Being grateful is a major key that will lead you to obtain more. You may see what you have or the life you are living is nothing but that is something to others. There are little but very important things that we take for granted in our lives. Most of those things are free but without them we wouldn’t be here. Take example of the air we breathe in and out, our five senses, the day and the night, the sun and the moon, nature, the people around you, your family, your friends, your talent and of the like.

We tend to look for bigger things to happen or when we achieve something is when we remember to be grateful. The more you become a grateful person, the more you will have blessings coming up your way. You will stop complaining and taking everything for granted. You will experience miracles every single day. Yes! Every single day we have miracles happening in our lives. You may ask what are those miracles that I am talking about.

Here are some of them:

Being alive is a miracle because someone somewhere is dying, being healthy is miracle because someone somewhere is on a sick bed, having a family and people around you who love and support you is a miracle because someone somewhere is an orphan and has no one,  having all your senses working properly is a miracle because someone somewhere is either, deaf, numb, blind or paralyzed, living in a country that is peaceful is a miracle because there are people who are refugees all their lives, having something to eat or drink is a miracle because they are people who are dying of hunger! I am sure by now you can add up more of the miracles that you keep experiencing and you may find that you have more things to be grateful for.

Denzel Washington in one of his speech to graduates in 2015, he talked about a lot of liberating things, one of them was gratitude and he added an important point. He said;

“Say Thank you in advance for what is already yours. True desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you sit beforehand to indicate that is yours already. And anything you want, ‘good’ you can have. So claim it and work hard to get it”

Another word that is so important when it comes to gratitude, is the word “Thank You”. We Nobody gets tired of hearing the word ‘thank you’.

If you haven’t started practicing the word ‘thank you’ in your life, I encourage you start. The benefits are huge and priceless. The more you are grateful, the more people will be motivated to support you.


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