Here is the World's smallest laptop

World's smallest laptop is ready, the screen is only one inch US IT engineer Paul Klinger has designed a laptop that has just one inch of screen and a display of 0.96 cm. It is being called the world's smallest laptop. According to Paul, it has taken him seven days to prepare this laptop and it has cost about 85 dollars i.e. about 6 thousand rupees.


Paul named the world's smallest laptop 'Think Tiny'. This laptop is said to be a smaller version of IBM's ThinkPad.' Think Tiny' specification It has a 300 mAh battery which can be charged through a plug. Apart from this, a red track point cursor is given in the middle of its keypad. The game can also be played on this world's smallest laptop.  It has a 7-row keyboard made from a 3D printer. The Think Tiny has a 14-pin ATTini 1614 microcontroller (20 MHz), which is connected to a small 128x64 pixels OLED display.

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