Excuses: The lies that makes us feel better!!


Have you ever come across a person is full of ideas, a brilliant goal and so pumped up on how to achieve them. Plans and steps are written down on how to achieve. Full of confidence and excitement. I am sure we have all experienced or know people who have. Then all over sudden, everything stops. The goals and ideas remain on a piece of paper or a diary. Some don’t even want to talk about them. It’s like a disease contaminates them and the light is gone. This disease is called Excuses.

Excuses leads to quitting. This makes sense, right? There are dozens of excuses that a person can create, here are the common ones that you can relate: 

  • It consumes a lot of time
  • I am not well financially and the economy doesn’t allow
  • I have realized it’s not for me
  • I have other important things and responsibilities to focus on right now
  • A lot of things and skills are required for me to start
  • I am in a wrong environment
  • My family and friends don’t approve of it
  • I have tried everything but it doesn’t work
  • So and so tried but they failed
  • I cannot see any future with this
  • I have to settle down first, then will see from there
  • It doesn’t make sense anymore
  • I have no support, I can’t do it on my own

You may have fallen to one or couple of those excuses. You have to understand that knowing your dreams and goals is the first step, but pursuing them is the main step. Everyone has a dream, but most of them have abandoned and quit on them by making one excuse after another. Don’t be a person who makes excuses, it will consume you and at the end you won’t be able to do anything. Some people are so affected and addicted in making excuses that they will make a very good one even for a small task.

We think making excuses is a way we can defend ourselves from being seen as failures, but the truth is we are admitting to ourselves and others that we can’t be relied on. There is no way you can become a successful person by giving up. So avoid making excuses at any cost. There is always a way out as long as you don’t give up.

I want you from today to get rid of your excuse and go back to your dreams and goals and find a way to make them happen.

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