Do social media connection is make us far from reality?

Connection is good. Human being always love to be social, like to be connected. But do connected online means the real connection?

What is social media?

Human is social animal. Social media is medium of connection.

We live in the world of Instagram, Facebook. Instagram is the platform where we can follow new trends, people. We can use awesome filters.

Facebook connects millions of people. We can easily chat, make friends.

Actually I have not talked with my one of friend after school. Because of Facebook we meet our school friendship.

Need  of social media

Nowadays because of job, education we live far from our people. Social media do the postman’s job. It delivers our love via posts, messages, video calls.

Some of people go other country but their heart stays here. On family group on Whatsapp at least virtually togetherness can be experienced.


Every coin has two sides. Social media is not only useful but also it is harmful. Let us understand this by a simple example exercise is good for health. But over exercise is dangerous, sometimes leads to death. Likewise social media is. It is good as well as bad.

Distraction is done by many things like while I study my baby brother distract me. He insist me to play with him. Every time I fail  infront of   his innocence. 

Social media is like a mesh. When I sign in on Instagram I end up signing out after 2-3 hours. I just do not understand how I spent this much time at sitting on one place. Because while doing study I barely sit 1 hour at one place.

While we rank according to importance social media is on top and health and study is at bottom. Living is not about posting daily on Instagram it is about enjoying every bit with open heart.

Social media is making us heartless robots which should be changed. So see neatly is social media connector distract us from what really matter.  

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