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Twitter - It is one of the popular social media websites all around the world. On this social website, it allows you can easily make an account on this social media website to share tweets with family members, friends, and also favorite celebrities.


Tips to Increase Twitter Engagement and CTR – There are several tips to increase Twitter Engagement and CTR for your tweet which are as given below –


1. Use Images in tweets Increase Retweets By 150 percent -  If you post a tweet with attractive images then the engagement of the audience increases with the post and click on the content to see what you are posting.  It is one of the best ways for your content by using an image with the content. It also found that sharing content with attractive images on this social networking site. Thus the attractive image with the content or text on Twitter is more visually as compared to post text only. As per research, it shows that followers engaged with a rate of 5x when you post a tweet with an image.


2. Engage with Other Users Content – If you are interested in engaging with other users with the content then it is a good way to increase the engagement of your tweet or content. When you reply to the content of other users then this follower also engages with your content and retweet with our network. If any user retweets your content which will help in increases the engagement and reaches the target customer. So it is beneficial for your business with large number of engagements of your content and rapidly increases in followers. When you respond to any users of this social media website for engaging with their content then they will be more interested and likely to visit your profile that what you are posting the content. The users also promote your content by sharing or retweet the post with their network which will increase in the engagement of your post. You also make social networking with several users which will help in promoting the products and reach the new customers in all over the world. For an increase in the popularity of your business, you can also make a healthy relationship and deal with other brands of users for promoting the content. This will help in expanding the business in other cities, states and other countries for earning more profit. So we conclude that for promoting the products or business you can increase the engagement and increase the followers by posting the tweet or content of other users.


3. Maintain Your Tweets Brief – If you are interested ted to tweet something in this social media website then post in brief with about 280 characters. The tweet must be in brief which helps in increasing engagement among users. As per several different sites and data, the number of characters in sharing tweets is about 80 to 100 characters including user tags and hashtags when you are interested to increase retweets. 

When your tweets are in 80 to 110 characters then users are more likely to see and engage your posts. So when you want to post tweet then it must be in brief to increase engagement for your posts.

  1. Use Memes and GIFs To Show Personality – If you want to increase the engagement for your post then use Memes and GIFs when posting your content on this social networking site. The post with the use of GIFs was very interesting for fun with the other users which help in increasing the engagement of your posts. Thus it also helps in increasing the viewers or followers for your profile. Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) is one of the ways to popularize your brand that helps in increasing the selling of the products and gains more profit. This social networking site makes easy to use and add GIFs that are suitable for your post. So if you are interested to increase the engagement for your post then post the tweet with funny GIFs and Memes.
  2. Retweet Other Users’ Tweets – If you want to be successful in increasing the engagement and followers for our profile then retweet the tweets of other users of this social networking site. The followers also retweet your tweet with their network. It helps in an increase in the engagement of your post with the new users which helps to increase the viewers for your profile. When several users share your post with their users then your post also reaches the target customers which increases your popularity. The increase in your popularity is beneficial for promoting their products rapidly and gain profit. Thus retweeting is a very powerful tool to increase the engagement and followers for your profile.


6. Share a Variety of Links – The best way to increase the clicks on your website by putting the links for the contents or blogs in your tweets. When you are interested to share links with your content then sending traffic to your website which will help in increasing the viewers from Twitter for the website. You also post content that is latest and trending on Twitter thus more and more viewers visit your website which increases the popularity in this social networking site. When you are popular in this social networking site then you can post any tweet more and more people are interested to see your post. If you post content with a large number of followers then share it with the tag or popular brand.  If you post or share the content with links then it can encourage the post and other users to pay more attention than what you are posting. It can make great relationships between you and users. Thus other users also share your content with their network that will increase rapidly in the engagement of content also followers of your profile. So it will send more and more traffic to your website and also reach new visitors with bonus viewers.


7. Respond When Someone Tweets to You - It may be the main challenge for several brands and also brands with a large number of engagement for the content. There is sending a reply for your tweet which may be a powerful and effective tool if they have tweeted you in any content which could generate conversation such as asking a question, sharing a thought about your content, thanks for any response. If any user can criticize your content then respect the views for the viewer and respond then as soon as possible this should always take priority. When anyone replies for your content then the discussion take place between the users which help in increasing the viewers and also among followers. If any user can comment for your content then you also respond very quickly this can help make a healthy relationship with the user. You also comment on the content for other users this will help in understanding between the users and you. So it will help to increase the engagement and reply to your content and also reach new visitors. If new visitors are connected with you then this will help in increasing the followers for your profile. If you post with argumentative then it will increase the response or comments from the users which make a relationship with more and more users from all around the world.


8. Know Your Peak Hours – Just like other social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram or any social networking sites each one has peak hours. So the peak hours are also on Twitter in which any certain any day or time there will be more and more active users are likely to engage with your content. With the help of Twitter Analytics, you can find the peak hours or day when thousands of users active on Twitter. If you post content on this social media website during peak hours then this will help in increasing the engagement and also target new viewers for your post. It will likely to more and more clicks on your website which will improve the ranking of your website. When any improvement in the ranking of your website due to post the content in peak hours then more and more who are not users of Twitter will also read your content which is your big achievement for your website. It will help in increasing the selling of the products rapidly which is very beneficial for your business. In the end, the peak posting times may also differ from the suggestions so examining how your content performs at different times which will be the best way to find what times you post content in Twitter best for you and your audience.


9. Use Twitter Ads - When you are looking for best engagement rapidly then use Twitter Ads that can be a good way for increasing engagement, especially if you do not have sufficient followers or followers that frequently engage with your content. You pay for Twitter Ads then this can be activated but it is more expensive than Facebook Ads.  But Twitter Ad will be helping you for increasing the engagement rapidly for your content and also reach the new users which are very beneficial for you. Even if Twitter Ads are comparatively more expensive then there are several users have found that Twitter’s click-through rates are really superior. When you are interested to gain more traffic for your website then this makes Twitter Ads use as a good solution for increasing the like of your post. If you can make Twitter Ads by locating the tab on the same dropdown menu in which you can found Twitter Analytics that provides several reporting features for engagement and conversion tracking. In this section, we conclude that if you have no idea than by using Twitter Ads you can gain in engagement for your content and also target new users which are beneficial for your business.


10. Use Twitter Conversational Ads – This type of ad are currently by users of this social networking site and also it is a powerful tool to enhance the engagement for your content. This type of Ads is designed for increasing the engagement and brand influence for the content that you post. Users of this social networking site follow the idea of promoted tweets but it comes with the addition of CTAs which motivates users for tweeting by using hashtags the brand can customize and choose. If a user clicks on the CTA then the Tweet composer opens with a pre-populated brand message in which audiences can then share and customize after they will automatically be thanked. Due to this reason, it can be so powerful tool to increase engagement for your post, but your paid post will preferably generate and motivate several organic posts that are tied to your brand.


11. Use Hashtags – In Twitter, Hashtags are an important part for increasing the engagement of the content and viewers for the website. Hashtags are used to those viewers who have similar views for any issue. Thus it will rapidly increase and comments for the content and also helps in making a healthy relationship with the users who has the same views. The use of hashtags also provides the audiences who find the viewers who have similar views on any issue of our country and also help t increase the engagement for the content.  If you post the content or tweet with the use of hashtags then it can increase the engagement at about 1,065 percent as compared with the general tweet without the use of hashtags. The Tweet with hashtags can see as much as a 1,065% increase in engagement compared to a similar tweet without hashtags. The tweets post by the user with hashtags is likely to more than 33% for getting retweeted than those general tweets without the use of hashtags. Thus by using hashtags, you can quickly increase the engagement for your post and also reach the new user. It will also increase the followers for your website which enhance the selling of products and gain more profit. But tweets with the use of only one hashtag are more likely to reach 69% less for getting re-tweeted as compared with the tweets by using two hashtags. If you post a tweet with the use of two or more than two hashtags then it will rapidly increase the engagement and impression for your content that helps in getting more re-tweeted by other users. So it will help in increasing the sales of the products for your company.


12. Use Videos – Now the viewers prefer videos as compared with the text and images in the content. By using videos you can increase suddenly the engagement for your content. Twitter also allows posting videos by using smartphone or upload an existing video if users have an iPhone. The time limit of posting video is 30 seconds, in this social networking site. There are about 82% of users from Twitter saw video content on social media websites. It is important to note that as per researches it shows that national video on Twitter is likely to increase considerably more engagement for your post which results in about 2.5x more replies, 1.9x more favorites, and  2.8x more retweets. Video is a very powerful tool to break new stories and provides the behind-the-scenes look, evoke emotion, and give extra life for your posts on this social networking site. By using videos with the content you can achieve the rapid engagement for your post which will help in increasing the viewers to visit your website. Due to increase the viewers for visiting the website which improves the ranking in the Google and a large number of people who are not a member of any social networking site also visits your website.



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