South Asian Wives in Russia attend Online Session on Breath & Mind to Strengthen Mind in Uncertain Times

A special online session on "Breath & Mind" was organized on Thursday (March 24) by the "Asian Attaches Wife's Association" based in Russia to help South Asian women living in Russia find a way to overcome their fears and feel strong in these uncertain times. Dr Neha Miglani, a Chandigarh based Media Professional, Researcher and Meditation teacher, was invited to deliver the talk by the association. 

The session included a discussion on the connection between breath, mind and emotions. The ladies were taught breathing techniques to handle the mind, followed by a meditation. "In these globally uncertain times, there is an inherent fear and insecurity among people across geographic boundaries. A few minutes of breathing practices and meditation can help uplift the state of mind and give immense inner strength to face any challenge," said Dr Neha Miglani, who has been teaching breathing techniques and meditation for last 12 years.  


"The meditation was doable and easy. I could connect my breath and my body," said Megumi, a participant from Japan, currently residing in Russia. "The session helped me feel calm and relaxed. I have tried meditation before also, but I could not do it due to restlessness," added Shalini Budhwar, an Indian Army Officer's wife currently residing in Russia. 

"I feel renewed and met myself inside. It's so interesting to think about our mind!" added Saule from Kazakhastan.


The 'Asian Attaches Wife's Association' in Russia is a community of officers' wives from South Asian countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Japan. Fifteen members of the organization joined for the session held on Thursday. 

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