Drinking water in a STANDING position is UNHEALTHY


Our body is made of 70% of water. So water is important to our body, but drinking water in the correct way and posture is essential to our body.  According to current research, we should avoid drinking water in a standing position. The sitting position has maximum health benefits, Ayurveda says. Why we should avoid standing position? 


1. Causes indigestion If you drink water while standing it affects your stomach badly. So your digestive power goes down. So drink water in a sitting position to enhance your digestive system.

2. Stress and Tention Standing up and drinking water do not make your nerve active and go waste this way so stress and tension become a daily problem.

3. You Stay Thirsty If you want to fulfill your thirst properly then you should make a habit of drinking water in a sitting position.

4. Bad impact on kidney Drinking water while standing does not allow your kidneys to function proper way. Its filtration process takes away affected. It causes many urinary diseases. 

5. Bones Joint Problem This bad habit can put bones and joints at risk. It causes joint pain, weakness, etc. So you should always drink water by sitting. Whether in a chair or if the chair is not there then knee down in the land and drink out the water to get the adequate benefit. It also will be better if you use glass instead of a bottle.

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