Addverb Introduces New Micro-Fulfilment Centers To Make E-Grocery Segment Future Ready

Addverb introduces new Micro-Fulfilment Centers to make e-Grocery Segment Future Ready

Addverb plans to disrupt the e-grocery segment by reducing the gross delivery time through its new Micro fulfillment Centers


Due to the Covid-19 scenario, as people are shifting towards more online shopping and home deliveries, Global robotics, and automation company, Addverb has come up with its new automated Micro-Fulfillment Centers specifically dedicated to the e-grocery segment. The company through its innovative in-house solutions and robots is working towards making the e-grocery segment future-readyMicro Fulfillment Centers are small-scale warehouse facilities, located inside the cities at strategic locations enabling a less than 2-hour delivery from the time; an order is placed till it gets delivered. Being on time every time, MFCs eliminates the complex web of last-mile delivery for the e-grocery retailer through its more efficiency in picking, packing, and shipment services.


Making a smart move to higher safety & efficiency, Addverb will help to place an automated center within an urban space which will reduce floor space costs and speeds up the picking process, hence reducing last-mile delivery cost. Flexible and scalable micro-fulfillment solutions that can be implemented quickly via Addverb’s automation solutions can meet unpredictable e-commerce demands. MFCs are quicker to set up, helping you to ship goods faster from locations where demand has increased substantially with strategically located inventory, easing the strain on major DCs. The goal would be to stock most & relevant SKUs in the MFC and allow the remainder of inventory to be picked off the store shelves or other nearby pick locations. 


Addverb’s MFC offering is powered through Veloce, an 8-level mobile picking vehicle that will facilitate the storage and retrieval of items. This MPV fetches the orders and transfers them to the picking stations, where orders get packed and sent to the outbound area for dispatch. Another important aspect of Addverb’s Micro Fulfillment Center is Dynamo which is ideal for smaller size inventory items with large volumes. It utilizes the height of the warehouse up to 14m and using Quadron, our carton shuttle system, and a fleet of Dynamo AMRs it can fetch orders from the picking stations and sent them to the outbound area for dispatch.


Speaking on this new solution, Mr. Sangeet Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Addverb said, “At Addverb, we are ready to provide you with the best in class automation solutions to roll out your first MFC! We provide advanced robotics, picking & packing solutions to enable these mini-sized fulfillment centers to churn out 1000s of orders in smaller durations of time for the e-grocery customer using minimal space and manpower. With a robust micro-fulfillment strategy, we prepare you for the future of e-fulfillment trends.”



About Addverb TechnologiesWith a vision to disrupt the Indian manufacturing and supply chain industry, the home-grown company ‘Addverb Technologies’ is a pioneer in implementing state-of-the-art robotic and automation solutions across factories and warehouses. The company has been building robotics and automation technologies in India that are suitable for a wide range of businesses from Fortune-500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses. It leverages technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), Shuttles, IoT along with their in-house software solutions such as Warehouse Management System, Warehouse Control System, etc to improve the performance and accuracy of warehouse and factory operations. They provide end to end automation solutions using a unique approach of 4D’s (discovery, design, develop and dedicate), i.e., discovering the right automation for a customer’s problem, designing the solution to manufacturing the product and project execution, and dedicated after-sales support.




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