How to study smart for exams ?

We should not always read for others. If reading like that it will be forgotten. Some people like reading in the morning, some people read at night. So don’t treat others like you. You can read at any time. When reading a question, it is easy to read the general answer to guess whether it is the answer. While-Reading question understands the answer Just take notes and create the answer that way will help to remember the answer. Always memory the names of the towns, and the years, names, days. Remaining part only by reading simply. More we read each time, more easily.


Then we will develop the knowledge. The main reason for forgetting because of too much fear. Fear is the cause of worry. Fear comes from thoughts that you will get low down on the exam This is the major reason for forgetting. We don’t think about exams and marks and competition just peacefully read the books to understand the concept and give your best that is enough. When you understand the concept Everything will be simple.

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