Sonia Gandhi Saw Our Vision to Win Congress: Shiv Sena

Congress was ousted by the ruling BJP in Assam and the LDF in Kerala during the recent parliamentary elections in both provinces.

Mumbai: Shiv Sena on Wednesday said Maharashtra church leaders would not claim to be spokespersons for Sena 'Saamana', but Congress official Sonia Gandhi commented on her case, asking why her party had defeated the ruling governments in Assam and Kerala.

The organizer of the Marathi program also wanted to know who was responsible for the ANC's lack of leadership at the grassroots level. This history goes back to the liberation struggle. It also said Congress would have to act as a "strong opposition party in the future."

Congress was ousted by the ruling BJP in Assam and the LDF in Kerala during the recent parliamentary elections in both provinces. Surprisingly, Maharashtra ANC President Nana Patole recently said she had stopped reading "Saamana," and Shiv Sena should not interfere.

However, the Marathi newspaper daily said on Wednesday, "Sonia Gandhi asked why Congress couldn't defeat the ruling governments in Assam and Kerala despite fighting an honest war. A similar question was asked about this column in 'Saamana.'"

If senior Congress leaders read the plan and brought the response to lower levels to Sonia Gandhi, it was "good," said Sena, who shares power in Maharashtra with the NCP and Congress.

It said Trinamool king Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal's prime minister, and the new ministers of Assam (Himanta Biswa Sarma) and Puducherry (N Rangawamy) were all Congress leaders. "All three must leave Congress and are available as powerful leaders," the editor said.

He said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was fighting loneliness with the BJP, and despite facing intense criticism, he had always expressed his views.

"After much criticism, the govt took decisions on the proposals made by him," the editor said.
The Sena said Rahul Gandhi was a "party" of Congress and his attack on the government was transparent and legitimate, he added.

The editor went on to say that Congress will have to act as a strong opposition party in the future.
It says "anger" in the people facing government issues such as unemployment, economic hardship, inflation, and handling the COVID-19 situation.

"In the meantime, all opposition parties will need to move from 'Twitter' branches to politics ... going down does not mean inviting crowds (during this epidemic), but asking the government every day to respond," Sena said.

Congress should lead, and Sonia Gandhi should seek to convey the same message. He is still the president of Congress, and it is essential that you take note of his views, he said.
The plan also showed that the presidential election of Congress had been postponed for the third time due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

"While he shouldn't be a full-time president, the party is functioning hard on its grass-fed head," he said.

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