The comedian talks about corruption in cricket

Patrioct act with Hasan minaj which is comedy show in which the comedian talks about various issues in the world. this week he will be talking about cricket and the corruption that has infested in the cricket. it has led to the control of cricket in few hands only. Hasan begins by revealing the number of people who watch cricket around the world. For those living in the sub-continent, cricket is no less than a religion but the Western countries are still not familiar with the madness of the sport. Hasan tries to translate that for the American audience.“India has become so dominant, that it is stifling the growth of international cricket,” Hasan says.



Cricket came to India with the British and in fact, many countries that play the game got it from the same colonizer. In an interesting clip, West Indies player Brian Lara shares, “Most of the countries that play the game, have that element of wanting to get back at the British.” Hasan Minhaj acknowledges the remarkable rise that India has had but also points out the corruption and politics that has basically restricted the sport from spreading across the world. Minhaj shares that India controls about 70% of the cricket revenue in the world and they also take out a lion’s share from the ICC’s earnings.



He ends the episode by saying that it is a matter of immense pride that India are the champions of cricket but it feels like we have now colonized the sport, that we got from our colonizers, for our advantage.



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