Its Time To Bust Top 5 Biggest Weight-loss Myths

Weight-loss has been a topic of debate since time immemorial. Let’s decode top-most weight loss related myths that you wish you knew earlier:-

Myth No. 1:- Weight-gain Is Triggered By The Fat

In general, people tend to co-relate weight-gain with fat. However, the truth is, that fat is believed to be an indispensable diet-component. A daily diet must be equipped with 15-30% portion featuring calorie intake. Like any other diet component, fat too have a crucial role to play. They enable the body to absorb varied lipid-soluble vitamins. They include vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K & E.

Myth No 2:-Carbohydrate Consumption Results In Weight Gain

Contrary to the general belief, there exists no correlation between consumption of carbohydrate and weight-gain. Carbohydrate is utmost essential diet component. This is the component that enables neurons and red blood cells to gain energy so that they could function properly. Nevertheless, too much of anything is not good. The same rule applies to this component. If an excessive amount of carbohydrate will be consumed by a body and there will be no proper workout routine, carbohydrate is bound to be transformed into fat.

Myth No 3:- Replacing Sugar With Artificial Sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners were quite a rage during initial days post their market launch. Soon, various researches surfaced questioning the safety standards related to them. Researches did indicate that these sweeteners do evoke food cravings by transmitting a signal related to the food intake to the brain. Instead of that, you may consider opting for Stevia that is a safe and natural sweetener.

Myth No. 4:- Eating In Less Quantity.

Eating less is certainly one of the biggest blunders while one is indulging in the weight-loss regime. People tend to skip meal believing that this will result in overnight success. On the contrary, the correct strategy suggests that one should consume multiple smaller portion of meals in a day. An ideal diet is an amalgamation of 20% of carbohydrates, 20% of protein and 60% vegetables and fruits.

Myth No.5:- Consuming Water In Excess To Achieve Instant Weight Loss.

This is yet another big misconception that drinking water in abundance can lead to weight-loss. Many people even try to replace their diet with water. However, one needs to understand that water can never be a substitute for a diet. Excess of water may put a strain on the kidneys.

To sum up, weight-loss is more of a commitment rather than resorting to wrong practices based on flawed beliefs. Do not indulge in fallacious practices like an attempt to sweat profusely or resorting to the diet pill. They will make the matter worse. Simply stay focused, follow a stable and feasible weight-loss regime with whole-hearted commitment.

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