Man Chops Off Finger In Regret

We all make mistakes we cant correct , we all have many or few regrets in life or wished to do things differently in life if given the chance but Im sure we’ve never chopped of our fingers to punish ourselves for a mistake like this 25 year old man from Abdullapur Hulaspur village in UP's Bulandshahr  did.


He accidentally voted for the Lotus i.e the Bhartiya Janta Party instead of the Bahujan Samaj Party , the man Pawan Kumar was asked if he was forced to vote for BJP but he denied the allegations and admitted that he got confused between the Lotus ( BJP) and the Elephant (BSP).


We catch ourselves asking why the crazy loyalty towards BSP , well the BSP is a party that stands for the rights of the Dalits and typically lower cast Indians who are robbed of their rights , in fact referring to data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), former Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said that under BJP’s watch, a Dalit suffered an atrocity every 12 minutes and six Dalit women were raped everyday the crime rates were sky rocketing in Uttar Pradesh.


We take our right rather our duty to vote very lightly, where as there are people who can suffer by every choice we make or don’t make. We have the privilege to talk about as a mere dinner discussion or a conversation to fill the empty air, but there are people who have to talk about it because it directly affects their life. I hope everybody makes the right choice according to their belief. If you don’t exercise your right to vote you automatically lose your right to complain about the ruling Government.

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