US-China continue their trade war

In the ongoing trade war between us and china where us is insisting china to amend their  trading ways and let us keep a check and enforce complaince. both the world's biggest economies havee been at war with eachhother at time to time. 

The US and China have gone through rough patches before. The American public recoiled and the US government imposed sanctions after the People’s Liberation Army slaughtered hundreds of civilians in the streets of Beijing in June 1989, crushing the Tiananmen Square protests.

Ordinary Chinese were outraged 10 years later when the Americans bombed China’s embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, rejecting the US insistence that it was an accident. And tensions crackled when China detained an American Navy flight crew following the midair collision of a US spy plane and a Chinese fighter in 2001.

but this time it hit a new low when us president donald trump imposed a tax of over $200 billion worth on china goods. “With the large number of issues we have with China, I wouldn’t rank the trade issues so high,” said David Dollar, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former official at the World Bank and US Treasury. “And I’m an economist.” The developments are a bracing rebuke to the optimists in America who assumed that China’s 2001 entry into the World Trade Organization would lead Beijing to embrace economic and perhaps political openness, that China would become more like world’s industrialized democracies.

The two countries have very different views on the sources of their troubles. “Many American opinion makers are starting to see China as a rising power seeking to unfairly undercut America’s economic prosperity, threaten its security, and challenge its values,” the Asia Society declared, “while their Chinese counterparts are starting to see the United States as a declining power seeking to prolong its dominance by unfairly containing China’s rise.”

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