World Health Organisation

According to WHO Four countries from asia-china, iran, malasia and timor leste and one from central america el salvador reported no indigenous cases of malaria in 2018. china and El salvador reported zero cases for the second consecutive year, iran , malaysia and timor leste had zero cases of malaria for the first time in 2018, showed the E-2020 initiative , 2019 progress report.


The countries were part of the global health body's E-2020 initiative , launched in 2016 working in 21 countries , spanning five regions to scale up efforts to achieve malaria elimination by 2020. In 2018 , iran reported zero indigenous malaria cases as compared to more than 18,00 in 2010.Timor leste that came into existence in 2000 remarkably lowered the disease rate from a high of 223,002 cases in 2006 to 95 cases in 2016 , to zero cases in 2018.


India(4 percent) was among the five countries the others being , nigeria(25 per cent), Democratic Republic of the congo (11 per cent), mozambique (5 percent), and uganda (4 percent)- that accounted for nearly 50 percent of all malaria cases worldwide.

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