Hamara Sidhu Kidhar Hai': Video Of Imran Khan At Kartarpur Corridor Opening Goes Viral


Video of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan looking for Navjot Singh Sidhu during the Kartarpur corridor opening ceremony has gone viral. In the video, Imran Khan can be heard referring to Navjot Singh Sidhu as "Hamara Sidhu" while inquiring about his arrival. In the video, Imran Khan is seen asking officials 'Hamara Sidhu kidhar hai' while onboard a shuttle as he arrived for the ceremony. He asked, "Achcha Hamara Woh Sidhu kidhar hai? Main Keh Raha hoon hamaara Sidhu."


Ahead of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, Imran Khan inaugurated the Kartarpur corridor in the Punjab province. The corridor will pave the way for thousands of Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara. Sidhu, who was a special invitee of Khan, described the opening of the Kartarpur corridor as an ointment on the wounds the people who witnessed bloodbath during the partition. He thanked the prime ministers of India and Pakistan for the historic move. During his address at the inauguration ceremony of the Kartarpur Corridor, Sidhu said no one can deny "my friend" Imran Khan's contribution in making the opening of the corridor possible. "Imran Khan has made history," he said. Calling Khan the king of hearts, Sidhu said, "Sikandar (Alexander) had won the world with fear and you won the heart all over the world."


Former Indian cricketer-turned-politician thanked the former Pakistani cricket captain for taking the bold step to build the Kartarpur corridor "without looking at gains or losses". Sidhu also thanked Prime Minister Modi for realizing the dream of the Sikh community. 

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