Women's reaction on Kejriwal's scheme


DELHI: Recently, Arvind Kejriwal has announced free fares for women in DTC busses and Delhi Metro. He has stated that he has taken the decision to upraise women safety. He is ready to bear the expense of Delhi women which would nearly be Rs.1600 crores for the sake of women safety. For this, he has demanded a time leap of just three months to execute his plans.


Surprisingly, this decision has been taken just before a few months before the Delhi elections. People beleive that this is nothing but a conspiracy to gain women votes for his elections. Considering the present scenario, it is clear that if, Kejriwal loses Delhi, he'll stand nowhere in the political web of India.


On this, the women living in Delhi are certainly unhappy. They are aware enough about the vote bank game being played by Kejriwal. The decision is being severely opposed on the social media, mostly by women. They beleive that such decison is against the gender equality. Also, they think that Delhi women are capable enough to afford their own travelling expense and do not need to rely on the Government for such a tit bit expense. Also, they believe the money wasted could be used in other better things than pondering about free services.


It seems that the scheme has not been welcomed by the public. It has turned out to be a matter of opposition for the Aam Aadmi Party which was antipodal to that thought of. This definately will have a negative affect on the  party for elections.


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