Which is the costliest cheese of the world?


Serbia's one of a breed of donkey's milk is one of the purest and the most nutritious cattle milk ever found in the world. It has breastmilk properties that is apt for even a baby to drink.The cheese obtained from the donkey's milk is rich, white and thick with an excellent nutritional value. It is high in protiens, hence a good alternative for those allergic to cow milk. The milk is supposed to even cure deadly diseases like asthama and bronchitis. Hence, these properties are even recognized by the UN.


The story of this milk lies in back 2012, the year in which Simic and his team members started milking a special type of donkeys from a nature reserve northern Serbia called Zasavica. A staff of Zasavica discovered that if a portion of this milk is mixed with goat milk and make cheese, it will turn out to be the best cheese  in the world. Hence, the world's costliest cheese was discovered. This cheese costs about 1000 euros per kilogram. The farm sells only 6-15 kilos of cheese in a year, mainly to the foreigners.

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