Venezuela - Uprising!

History Of Venezuela 

Since 1999 till his death in 2013, Hugo Chávez from the PSUV party was the president of Venezuela. Venezuela has be governed by the PSUV party for over more than 20 years. After his death, Nicolás Maduro succeeded as the president of the country after defeating the opposition party marginally. 

During his reign as the president, Venezuela has seen major dips in the economy and food availability crisis. After the opposition gaining a majority in the legislature, the national assembly. Mr Maduro established a rival party consisting of government supporters leading to oust the powers of the national assembly.

During the entire span of the PSUV rule, all the major institutions were  grounded under them including the judiciary and the legislature. Elections in 2018, portrayed an unexceptional result. Mr Maduro was reelected as the president of the state. Which by most is considered as contrived. 

The head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, declared him as the interim president on 23rd January after seeing the countries economy being diced and in a free-fall. United stated and more than 50 other countries have commanded the later as the legitimate leader of the state. Whereas Russia and china lend their constant support towards the counterpart, the former president.

Usurper Presidency?

After being elected for a second six-year term, Mr Maduro has been subject to major acquisitions of forging the elections. Most of the oppositions were either jailed, forbidden  or had fled the country in fear of being imprisoned hence considering the poll as not legitimate by the National Assembly.

Because of the fact that the National Assembly does not agree with the polls being fair and hence declared Mr Maduro as “Usurper”. In line with the events the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, declared himself as the interim president. More than 50 countries , the US and several Latin states have acknowledged the legitimacy of the Mr Guaidó’s presidency. But Russia and China still stand aside Mr Maduro’s presidency.

On 23rd April, Mr Guaidó called upon the security forces to join the opposition and assist him in removing the Mr Maduro from presidency, which the government claims of “an attempted coup”.Venezuela opposition supporters have been demonstrating mass protest all over the 22 states of the country. Mr Guaidó claims this uprising as an irreversible process towards freedom and says “we are on the right track, there is no turning back”


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