How To Understand Your Family

Today let us talk about understanding the other person and before that let us know the meaning of understanding. What does this word 'understand' means? It means not to question another person's nature. It means that 'I accept you as you are and I understand your existing nature.' This is natural in every being. What should be called 'Natural'? Because whatever we label as natural that will come into our thoughts, words, and then in action. So, what is natural? Peace, power, bliss, joy, knowledge, love, and purity is natural within us. Pain, anger, irritation, hurt, and jealousy is unnatural. Every soul has 07 qualities within itself that are natural. But, over a period of time what has happened is that gradually we all started coming into body-consciousness which is like 'being healthy is natural' but if we do not take care of our health, then there will be a disease.


But today, the majority of us are suffering from a minor or a major disease and we say that having perfect health is just impossible. So, society has started accepting the diseases and similarly, we have started saying that in today's fast pace of life being at peace is not possible, being stress-free can just not happen and we started accepting the anger, stress, hatred, jealousy kind of emotions are natural. But no, just like being healthy is natural, the same way those 07 qualities of the soul are natural. If we do not take care and create anger once and speak lie once then very soon our vocabulary will change and we will start accepting that these negative emotions are natural within everyone. There are 03 faculties that a soul has and they are- Mind, Intellect, and Nature (Sanskars).


The mind creates thoughts, intellect evaluates the thought and takes a decision and we will bring that decision into action, then it will become our sanskar (Nature) which gets created on the soul. So next time, the mind will not create a thought about it, intellect will not make a decision and whatever sanskar is created will directly come into action. But now, it is the time to change our existing negative nature that depletes our soul. So what will we do? We will grasp spiritual knowledge, will create new beautiful thoughts, and the moment our thought changes our feeling will start changing. Our karmas will change and so will be our nature. Now, look at every person as a soul and not as a relationship that you have with them. we all must have read somewhere that a soul is eternal and indestructible. It means that when the time comes for a soul to leave the body, the soul will leave and will enter into a new body and what will the soul carry with itself? The karmas, the sanskars.


Understand this that today we all are in this body, everything that we are speaking, thinking, and doing, it is being created on the soul. Now, visualize how many sanskars (nature) does a soul has with itself and there the time comes for a soul to leave the body. The soul leaves this body and enters into a new body as a baby. What will that baby bring with him? His previous nature, karmas, and behavior. Once we understand the cycle of the karmas and the cycle of the soul that a soul is eternal, that every soul is traveling on a very very long journey, we will start understanding and will start accepting the way people are.


Today we see our family members as our mother, father, spouse, and child. But, after reading this we have understood that before being in a relationship with us they are a soul and are coming from a very long journey. We cannot even imagine that what a soul goes through when is in a body. What experiences our family must have had in their past life. So the easiest way to understand each one is that instead of showing possession, start showing compassion that they are just souls. Earlier was in some other body, today is in this body, and tomorrow will be in some other body.




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