User's confusion between Google Drive and Photos will end from July 10

As you all know picture saved in Google Drive can be seen in the Google Photos, but from July 10 Google Photos will not sync to Drive,which means that photos, videos from user's drive will not be automatically shown in Photos and vice versa and even the same about deleting.If we delete Photos and videos from Google Drive it won't be deleted from the Photos and nor the media deleted from Photos will be deleted from the Drive. And that's the profit of unsyncing Google Drive and Photos.



According to the report the user gives the feedback that it is bit confusing and leads to difficulty in handing Drive and Photos therefore Google here is making the changes to make it user friendly.In the post Google says that "User should note that the earlier media which is linked with the two services will remain unchanged and there's no need to worry about it."




However the photos and videos which will be saved in the Drive after July 10 will be synced with Photos automatically.Now Google will enen add a new feature "Upload from Drive" so that using this feature users can manually upload photos and videos they want to be shown in Photos. If users deletes the media from either Photos and Drive then it will be deleted from any one of them i.e if media is deleted from Photos then it be onle celeted from Photos and not from Drive and vice versa.



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