The benefits of Reading - Health, Intelligence and Long Life

Recent studies, conducted widely in the United States, Canada, and Britain - revealed that there are reasonable reasons that make reading a simple and inexpensive way to improve general health, extend the life and increase IQ levels away from traditional medicines.


The "Medical News Today" website, which specializes in publishing scientific news, monitored the results of six separate studies that revealed six different benefits for reading lovers, most notably the promotion of public health and the prolongation of life.


The first studies were carried out by researchers from Yale University in the US, where they found that adults who said that they read books for more than three and a half hours per week were less likely to die from neurological diseases, by 23% than others. And why, the researchers said reading could increase communication between brain cells and may reduce the risk of nerve diseases that could "shorten life".


Regarding other benefits, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Sussex, in Britain, revealed that reading can reduce stress and stress, which contributes to about 60% of all human diseases, chief among them the risks of stroke and heart diseaseThe researchers found that reading can reduce stress levels by up to 68%, and outperform other methods of eliminating stress such as listening to music or going for a walk.


"Canadian studyReading enhances the social skills of those who read fiction, so they have the ability to understand the beliefs, ways of thinking, and desires of those around them compared to others."


Sleep and social skills the third benefit of reading revealed by an American study, as it proved that reading can slow down the cognitive decline that accompanies a person’s aging.


The study- conducted by scientists from the American "Rush University" - found that reading can help slow or even prevent cognitive decline, and it can also help reduce the incidence of most forms of cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer's and dementia.



And on the fourth benefit of reading, according to a study conducted by researchers at the American Mayo Clinic Clinic, reading books can improve the quality of sleep in a person because it facilitates the transition between wakefulness and sleepiness.

On the other hand, the researchers considered that using smartphones and tablets before bed could affect the process of deep sleep in people due to the light emitted from the screens of these phones.


And researchers at the Canadian University of Toronto revealed a fifth benefit of reading, which is to enhance the social skills of people, as those who read fictional stories have the ability to understand the beliefs, ways of thinking, and desires of those around them compared to others. And fairy tales can actually increase empathy, researchers say, and help us enhance social skills. 


Regarding the sixth benefits that read lovers gain, researchers at the University of Edinburgh revealed that reading increases levels of intelligence, especially in children, as those who learn reading skills at the age of seven years score higher on IQ tests, compared to their peers with weaker reading skills.





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