Taliban’s Taunt to Pakistan says, “Don’t Link Kashmir to Afghanistan”, Asks parties to don’t indulge in any kind of violence



Taliban insisted India and Pakistan in a statement to not indulge in any kind of activity that paves the way for violence and aggravations in Jammu and Kashmir

Kabul: On Thursday, the Taliban stated that India-Pakistan complications over Jammu and Kashmir should not be compared to the situation in Afghanistan. As per the reports of Anadolu news agency, “Taliban spokesman said in a statement "Linking the issue of Kashmir with that of Afghanistan by some parties will not help in soothing off the crisis at the hand because the situation of Afghanistan is not related nor Afghanistan should be used as a theatre of competition among other countries.


The Taliban statement comes after Pakistan’s opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif started comparing the predicament between Kashmir and Afghanistan in Parliament and said, "How is that a deal of any kind with Afghans celebrates and enjoy peace in Kabul but blood is being shed in Kashmir” This is not at all acceptable for usOn the other hand, on Thursday the Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul cleared that the Indo-Pak aggravation would not impose an effect on the going on a peace rally in Afghanistan.


The Pakistan Ambassador Zahid Nasrullah Khan said attending a conference, “The situation going on in Kashmir has nothing to have anything with the violence in Afghanistan and it is not still resolved despite so many bloodsheds occurred in the Jammu and Kashmir valley.The Indian Government BJP on Monday abrogated the 370 section and 35A thus removing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir which invokes an exasperated reaction from Pakistan taking severing the diplomatic ties between them and also expelling the Indian envoy.


And also, Afghanistan said that a 15 people group government lead unit complying of civil rights activists, politicians and representatives of eminent groups will soon have a meet up with Taliban face to face hoping to achieve lasting peace in the war racked nation.

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