Myths before becoming a Programmer

Myths that people follow and get away from programming

1) I need a Computer Science Degree - No this is not what is needed for becoming a programmer you don't need a degree, it only helps you but in today's generation, everything can be found on the internet and can be learned.

2) Its too late, I cant learn now - There is no specific time decided for doing anything. In starting it will be harder for you but you can learn to program at any age without worrying about it.

3) I need to be intelligent - For programming, the only things required are a passion, preserving, and mainly patience.

4)I should know maths for coding - There is nothing grave topic of maths to be known only basic operator are needed and commonly used.

5)I need to learn many languages - It is never important how many languages you know but its all about being good in some particular language.

6) I am done learning - Change in the technology world is constant and every single day new update comes in the market. So learning quality should be there in you.

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