Sudan’s crack down on protesters

The June 3 massacre of protesters calling for a democratic rule in Sudan has unfolded new accounts of horror, torture and rape. At least 100 have been declared dead with bodies being pulled out of Nile river.The future of the country remains uncertain with peaceful procession converted into bloodshed and fear of the country being turned into another Syria. Sudan’s pro-democracy movement  of civil disobedience will continue until the ruling military council is expelled and justice is brought to the brutal military crackdown on protesters. Meanwhile,the African Union has called for suspending Sudan from all the activities “with immediate effect” and has threatened for “punitive sanctions” if the power is not quickly handed over to the civilians by military.



The uprising that began in December and led to end of military rule by President Omar al-Bashir in April.


The protesters have been on the streets over talks with the military for power handover to the civilians.


The Sudan Doctors’ Central Committee revealed that troops have been reported of pulling bodies of the slain from the Nile River in Khartoum and the bodies were taken away without an exact number being known. However,it is not known where these bodies were taken. More than 500 protesters have been reported wounded in the crackdown with three three children among those who were killed.As bodies were being pulled out of the Nile River the shocking stories are of brutal torture and rape are being revealed. Clashes have been erupted in other parts of Sudan as well. The main face in protests,the Sudanese Professionals Association said security forces have been attacking demonstrators in dozens of cities and towns with beating, killing and raping civilians. 


The group has urged the people to block main roads and bridges to “paralyze public life” in Sudan.

“Our success depends on our full adherence to these peaceful protests, no matter how hard the criminal militias seek to drag us into violence.”


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