Never consume milk after eating these things

Milk is considered an important part of our diet. It benefits your health as well as many nutrients. You may also drink milk, but there are many conditions when milk acts as a poison for you. Some diets are foods with which milk is consumed as a poison and harms the body. Today we're going to tell you what you should know.


After Citrus Fruits Drinking milk after citrus fruits spoil the mind and lead to vomiting. Drink milk after about 2 hours after consuming such fruits. After the cheeses made of sesame and salt Do not consume milk for 2 hours if you are eating any food that uses sesame seeds and salt. These can prove harmful to the body.


After eating fish Fish contain a large amount of protein, but drinking milk after eating it can cause digestive problems. Drinking milk after a fish can show symptoms such as food poisoning and abdominal pain. It also increases the risk of white patches on the body.After Eating Yogurt Yogurt is made from milk, but if eaten together, the digestive system of the body can be damaged. Abdominal pain, a reversed-like condition may arise.

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