Russia from now 'won't sell war equipment to Pakistan'

Russia from now 'won't sell war equipments to Pakistan'. Russia's cooperation with Pakistan is limited to the anti-terrorism sphere and it will not sell any war equipment to India's neighbour. Russian sources have told ThePrint amid reports that Islamabad is in talks with Moscow for the purchase of tanks and new air defence systems following the Balakot air strike. 'That has been already informed that India and the Indian government is assured that Russia will not be selling any war equipment to Pakistan,' a high-ranking source in the Russian defence establishment told ThePrint. 'Our cooperation with Pakistan is restricted to anti-terrorism capability enhancement.'

The source explained that Russia values its historical relationship with India and pointed out that the country has been the backbone of India's defence establishment and will continue to back New Delhi. Over the past few months, multiple intelligence reports have suggested that Islamabad may be looking at building deeper military ties with Moscow, especially through the purchase of Russian systems.

A Pakistani military delegation is supposed to visit Russia soon. There was also a report earlier that Pakistan is eyeing Russian T90 tanks, which are the mainstay of the Indian Army.

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