India uses data highest in world, a study says

A study has done by Swedish telecom equipment maker Company Ericson that India has highest data use by per smartphone on per month. It is highest in the world.


On this report , figure like to be double  18 GB per month in 2024. Many reasons like increasing the number  of user, attractive data plans and habits of youth to video viewing  change says by Nitin Bansal head of Ericson India and head of network solution, Southeast  Asia, Oceania and India.


In 2018, 7GB used by north America , 3.1 GB by Latin America , 6.7 GB by western Europe ,4.5 GB by central and eastern Europe , 3GB for middle east and Africa , 7.1 GB for Northeast Asia and 3.6 GB for southeast Asia Oceania region.

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