Rahul Gandhi: Is this the end of Gandhi family politics?


On Thursday, when the results of the Indian general elections came, Narendra Modi emerged as the winner with the unilateral victory. On the other hand, the successor of the Nehru-Gandhi family and President of Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi emerged as a battered, defeated and desperate leader. He is the main successor of an ultimate political lineage. His maternal grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, is India's first and longest Prime Minister. Her grandmother, Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India and her father, Rajiv Gandhi, was India's youngest Prime Minister. The Congress had seen its worst defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. But on Thursday, the results came with a double blow for Rahul Gandhi. The Congress could win only 52 seats.



Modi's BJP won more than 300 seats in their favor. Worse still, Rahul Gandhi also lost his family seat Amethi. Although Rahul Gandhi will also sit in Parliament this time as he stood in the Wayanad seat of Kerala and he has won from here. But Amethi was also fighting for respect. From this seat, both of their parents-mother Sonia Gandhi and father Rajiv Gandhi contested and won. He himself was MP from here for fifteen years. Rahul Gandhi also sent a special letter in every house of Amethi which was written on my Amethi family. Despite that he had to face embarrassing consequences. BJP leader, Union Minister Smriti Irani, became the politician from the actress, defeating him. Amethi is the heart of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of India and the road to Delhi's power goes through here. These are also Ground Zero of Indian politics, where the effects of the experiments made are visible throughout the country. It is generally believed that the UPA who wins the same reigns on the country.



Eight of the fourteen Prime Ministers of India came from here, in which Rahul Gandhi's grandson, grandmother and father also won from here and became Prime Minister. Of the 543 MPs from the Indian Parliament, 80 MPs are elected from here. Originally Gujarat's Narendra Modi also represented UP's Varanasi seat in 2014 and this time he has been elected MP from here. It was not expected that the Congress would win a direct victory in the Lok Sabha elections but it was believed that the Congress would do better than before. This is the reason that the results have surprised the people of the people besides the people. Rahul Gandhi may have been in the Parliament but now the question is asked whether it is the end of Gandhi era in Congress. Or will the Gandhi family's politics be eliminated to revive the party again? After the defeat, Rahul Gandhi addressed the reporters and took up the entire responsibility of defeat. He respected the defeat and respected the mandate of the BJP. The counting of votes in Amethi was not even completed. Three lakh votes were left to be counted, but they accepted the defeat and said in memory - take care of Amethi. "I congratulate them, they have won, they are democracy and I respect people's decisions."



They did not do much after losing the Congress. He said that where this mistake will be discussed in the meeting of the Working Committee of the Congress. Addressing Congress workers, he said that do not lose hope. They said, "Do not need to be afraid, we will continue to work hard and ultimately win will be ours." But sitting in the Congress office in Lucknow, the 'Chhattis-e-Aam' of the Congress, chasing the TV, in which one big leader was losing his seats, watching the victory of Rahul Gandhi Appears. A leader of the party said, "Our credibility has decreased greatly. People do not believe in our promises, they are not believing what we are saying. "Modi did not fulfill the promises made to the people, but still people believe in Modi." I asked him why he is? They said, "We do not even know why this is so!" The Congress's poor performance in electoral politics is set to question Rahul Gandhi's leadership capabilities and many analysts are also talking about leadership change. His resignation is being asked as president. But all such demands are rising from outside the party and party leadership will deny them.



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