Questioning humanity : pregnant elephant murdered brutally

A human being is considered to be the most intelligent and sensible creatures found on this planet. Though even the tiniest microorganism serves its purpose in the circle of life, to keep the universe in balance. There are numerous examples of evil overpowering humanity and causing major harm to the innocents. On May 27, the mannarkkad forest division in Kerela witnessed a heartbreaking and barbarous incident that left the nation outraged and furious. The incident took place in the velliyar river when a 15-year-old pregnant elephant was roaming in search of food when some of the locals saw her and gave her pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. As she ate them it burst out and a pregnant elephant died standing there in the velliyar river on 27th May.


The chief minister has promised to take strict actions against the offenders, but is that the end to such monstrous people around us? This insensitive, inhuman, and demonic incident proves that there is so much cruelty and evilness out there, that it sees no reason to kill and hurt anyone. A very common animal tendency is to trust someone who feeds them. The same happened with that poor pregnant elephant. What exactly was her fault? Trusting someone she thought to was a human being! Kerela is the state with a literacy of about 94%, the state of the highest literacy level in India. This shows that humanity and kindness don't always come with literacy. There are thousands and more articles, raising voice against the cruelty and violence happening with animals every day. Number of NGOs like PETA which ensures the safety of these voiceless creatures.


But are these things really help to stop the inhumanity around us? No, only we can help it. When we start looking more into our intentions. The sad part is that these ridiculous people do not carry any kind of tags on their heads, they are just like us or maybe they live within us. I don't think humanity can ever be preached, it can only be developed. Humanity is not a benchmark to be achieved to look more human, it is a sense of rationality, kindness which all of us must possess. But it is sadly not left within most of us anymore. It makes me furious and shocked at the same moment watching humanity go deep down into the drains. Who can be blamed for this? It's high time that we as humans should learn to behave and start getting more sensible and kind to anyone and everyone around us.





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