Disadvantages to Children Skipping Morning Breakfast


If children get used to eating breakfast every morning at certain times, they will start to feel hungry at the same time in the next few days. Children who go to school are often forced to eat breakfast between 7 and 8 p.m. Claiming that the stomach was not hungry at that time, a lot of children would go without food. But breakfast provides the energy needed to move the body throughout the day. Helps the brain and body to function better. Stomach irritation can occur if breakfast is not eaten.


It can also cause indigestion after eating. If you get used to eating food in the morning at certain times, you will start to feel hungry at the same time in the next few days. So even if children refuse to eat in the morning and are forced to eat for a few days then the stomach will automatically start to feel hungry by 7 am. The food should be chewed well and eaten casually. Only then will digestion take place easily. The beginning of the digestive process is when the food is mixed with saliva and ground by the teeth. The rest of the digestion takes place in the stomach. So indigestion will appear even if eaten in a hurry. Fear of the morning school van is present in all parents and children.


In the rush to catch the van, they swallow the food and run away. Or they say 'school van has arrived' and skip breakfast. Thus school children often suffer from digestive disorders. Wheat and wheat foods, milk and dairy foods contain a protein called 'gluten'. It is the protein that causes digestive problems. The disease caused by this protein is called 'celiac'. The disease often causes diarrhea. Stool rot. The abdomen is swollen and painful. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to stunted growth in children. Weight loss. Diarrhea is one of the major causes of indigestion. Disorders of eating habits and climate variability can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea is more common in summer. Summer cleaning, drinking unhealthy fruit juices and eating unhealthy foods can cause diarrhea. Milk and dairy products can cause diarrhea in some children. Traditionally some babies do not like milk. They should avoid eating cow’s milk. You can drink soy milk instead.




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