Providing loan to farmers is the national duty of banks,CM says

When CM Devendra Fadnavis attended the State-level Bankers Committe(SLBC) meeting on Wednesday he came to know that bankers only disbursed 54% of crop loans in 2018-19. CM said bank should approve the farmers loan and should think that it is one of their national duty and must follow it. According to him banks should show some sensitivity towards the agriculture sector. He says that “Bank failed to help the farmers in availing the loan.” They should help the farmers financially so that they can plant crops and in turn whenever the crops will be sold out in the market the farmers can repay it ,but banks will only not trust the farmers then how can our poor farmers work.


The SLBC approved an annual state credit plan of Rs 4.24 lakh crore for 2019-20 that also included Rs 87,322 crore for the agriculture sector. In 2018-19, approved amount was Rs 58,319 crore for crop loans. The Chief Minister appealed to all the banks that provide as much as maximum loan to farmers and free them from the stress and problem they face. As the weak agriculture sectors have grave impact on the overall GDP growth and socio-economic development.



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