National Green Tribunal to Direct State Government to Strictly Implement Requirements of Displaying 'PUC' Certificate

Every one of us is aware of pollution created by vehicles and no effective action has been taken or implemented practically. So, to minimize the pollution, the National Green Tribunal at Bhopal ordered the State of Madhya Pradesh to strictly implement the requirements of displaying the 'Pollution Under Control'(PUC) Certificate. But the State of M.P filed an appeal against NGT. Therefore Supreme Court on August 28, 2020, held that National Green Tribunal has the power to direct State in such matter and they also directed the State of M.P to cancel Registration Certificate of those vehicles who are not having valid PUC Certificate and also initiate Penal Sanction against the owner of the vehicle. Albeit, NGT has already directed the State of M.P to take action against those who are not having proper PUC Certificate through revocation of their Certificate.


They have also proposed that the owner without the PUC Certificate won't be provided with fuel at petrol pumps. They further directed the State of M.P to deposit Rs 25 crore as security for compliance of the order. The Court itself observed that vehicles in charge aren't following rules and regulations under Motor Vehicle Act but it doesn't mean that NGT will direct State Government to pass an order where fuel won't be provided to vehicle owners without PUC Certificate. It also held that the State isn't bound to pay any amount to NGT as security. Apart from this, the Supreme Court referred to the Motor Vehicle Act,1988 for the punishment of such an act. They concluded their judgment by saying that the certificate will remain suspended until Pollution under control (PUC) certificate is produced before the Registering Authority.

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