4 killed 3 Dogs Beating with a Stick in Maharashtra | Viral Video on Social Media


It is said that "dogs are man's best friend" and most of us invariably also agree to it. The reason stands because of their loyalty to their masters yet some of us are still exceedingly insensitive towards them. "Animal cruelty" is something which proves that some of us leave no stones unturned to prove the harsh side of human existence. There have been numerous reports about incidents which prove that human being can be the vilest creature on the planet. It is evident that humans have a higher IQ and a good brain functioning system than any other animal on this planet, this helps them to differentiate between right and wrong. Contradiction to this fact is evident, as inhumanity has overpowered some of the fragile human minds and that has proved to be demonic at times.


Another such remorseless and insensitive video has gone viral on social media platforms, where 4 were seen killing 3 dogs on the open streets of Maharashtra. A suo moto case has been filed against them by the karad police in Salara district. It took place on 15 June, Wednesday, when Mumbai based animal rights NGO forwarded the viral video to the Mumbai police. The video was made on 15 June and was posted on the social media platform, in which a man killed 3 dogs, allegedly three others with that man were seen instigating the man to do so.


The president of Peace for Animal Welfare (PAWA) India, Salim Charania reported that "video is of a man brutally beating the dogs with a heavy stick near Tembu Road, Karad on June 15. One of the dogs can be seen crying loudly, but the man continued to so and the three were watching and instigating him to do it." As soon as the video went viral on social media, it left viewers outraged and shocked, watching such inhuman behavior. The viewers have left furious comments on the viral video and have asked the police to take strict actions against the four.





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