IRCTC, Indian Railways Gearing Up for Post-Covid with Hands-Free Amenities, Ready-to-Eat Food

Have you ever wondered how travel will look like in a post-coronavirus world? The Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is all set for the 'new normal'. The company has helped Indian Railways to serve foods in Shramik Special Trains. The IRCTC has recently introduced ready-to-eat meals in 200 special passenger trains run by the Indian Railways. Meanwhile, the IRCTC has trained 1,500 employees on how to follow COVID-19 guidelines during the journey. From regular sanitization to checking the temperature of its employees and maintaining social distancing norms, the IRCTC is leaving no stone unturned to make your travel safe.


Indian Railways has developed a special 'post-COVID coach' for travelers. From several hands-free amenities to the plasma air purification system — Railways has designed this new coach to fight against the deadly virus. Developed in the Kapurthala rail coach factory, the post-COVID coach is loaded with several new features. One of the salient features is hands-free amenities which include foot-operated water tap and soap dispenser,foot-operated flush valve, foot-operated latches in lavatory door. There will be washbasins with a foot-operated water tap and soap dispenser option. For compartment doors, the travelers will get forearm operated handle feature. As copper has antimicrobial properties, the Indian Railways has decided to use copper-coated handrails and latches by train.


The coach will be equipped with copper-coated handrails & latches as copper degrades the virus landed on it within a few hours. "When virus lands on copper, Ion blasts pathogen and destroys the DNA and RNA inside the virus," the railways said in a statement. The new coach will have a provision of plasma air equipment in the AC duct. This air equipment will sterilize the air and surfaces inside the AC coach using ionized air to make the coach coronavirus and particulate matter resistant. "This provision will also improve the ion concentration from 100 ions/cm3 to more than 6000 ions/cm," the national transporter added. Post-COVID Coach will have Titanium Di-oxide coating in the coach. Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Coating functions as photo-active material. This water-based coating will kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungal growth. It is non-toxic and approved by the food testing laboratory of the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA), CE certified. TiO2 is considered to be a safe substance and is harmless to humans. This Titanium Di-oxide coating will be applied on washbasins, lavatory, seats & berths, snack table, glass window, floor, virtually every surface that comes in human contact. This coating will be effective for 12 months.





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