An Amazing Truth About a Rare Wild Animal 'Chevrotain'

We have seen or learned about many kinds of plants and animals that were existed on this planet many millions of years ago. Many were lost due to extinction or some other causes. Even today some rare wild animals exist on this planet. Now, let us see about a wonderful wild animal that has been considered as lost. The first sighting of this animal was reported in 1905 by Brook an English national and the next photographic evidence was in the year 1990 in present Chhattisgarh. This kind of animal has almost similar physical characteristics of a deer or a mouse but its size is much smaller just like a rabbit. They are called mouse deer or Chevrotains. Chevrotain is a French term which means ' little goat '. There are ten species of this animal which are scattered in the south, southeast Asia and central Africa.


In fact, they are the smallest ungulate mammals. These amazingly small creatures are traced with special camera traps kept at places to detect other endangered species of animals. Thus the cameras kept in wet tropical forests have no video records of their appearance. Then the researchers think that such animals might be accustomed to living in dry forests located in some Asian and central African regions. These regions are in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, and Borneo, etc. In Africa, they are found in the tropical regions of central Africa. The species found in Africa is the biggest of the 10 species of mouse deer or chevrotains. They are larger than small dogs and they are also called water mouse deer. Some of these rare animals are kept in zoological gardens of many countries all over the world.


They are kept in zoos at Calcutta, Hyderabad, Singapore, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Zurich, etc. The Vietnamese mouse deer is about the size of a big rabbit with a beautiful silver sheen on its rump. This species is also seen after a gap of 30 years to a team of researchers. These animals have incisors or fangs which are longer in males. The researchers opined that these pairs of fangs might be useful in competing for territory and mates. They seemed to be solitary, feed on fruits and plants during the sun. They live near water, in tropical thorn scrub jungles and mangrove regions. The smallest species of these mammals are found in Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo. The size of the adult animal is about 45 cm in length and weighs about 2 kg. The largest species of chevrotain measures 70 cm to 75 cm and has a tail length of 8 cm to 10 cm. It weighs 5 kg to 8 kg.


There are some reasons behind causing such Innocent wild animals to become rare. Due to its small size, they become an easy target for larger predators. They become victims of traps or wire snares meant for other animals. The deforestation and other human interferences might have affected their habitat. They are shy and sensitive even to the slightest movement and always try to hide from view. The mouse deer is a shy and mysterious odd animal in the group of ungulates. Some fossils found at different locations suggest that they are not new animals. Still, much more is not known about them. There are many things to be observed and investigated on this kind of small animal.




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