Four teenage girls ran from home to get a chance in Bollywood

For teenage girls ran from their homes in Delhi to Mumbai to get a break in Bollywood. They were later spotted in Surat, Gujrat and taken back to their homes. Among them, were two girls who were siblings of 15 and 17 years of age and two of their 14-year-old friends. Reportedly, they had gone missing on 3rd of July from Kirari. They were searched all over the city but couldn't be found. Later, their parents lodged a complaint at Prem Nagar police station, Delhi. A team of Delhi policeman and ladies from Mahila Parishad was formed to find the girls.


They were spotted at Nizamuddin railway station. The code is seen in the CCTV footage which was later sent to the Mumbai Police for further investigation. When their social media handles were searched one of the girls had recently updated a photograph with an unknown man. On 19th, the girls contacted their parents for taking them back to homes. They informed them that they were in Surat. creative, a man contacted their parents as well and told them that the girls were with him since the past 18 days. The girls for brought back to Delhi and were taken to the court where they were interrogated. during the interrogation, it was revealed that the man with whom the state did not hurt any of them. They also revealed that they run because they wanted to be Bollywood actresses.

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