Fake IPS officer caught


Fake IPS officer, Abhay Meena was arrested for extorting money using his fake identity. He identified himself as an IIT-Delhi graduate, and used to deliver motivational speech on how to crack exams like - UPSC and IIT.  Police has mentioned that many more fouls can come out when investigated.

Abhay, who on his facebook page presented himself as a IIT-Delhi graduate is in reality a 12th fail. Because of his thinning speaking skills, he used to easily deliver motivational speeches online.
A unit of SOG Special Operation Group caught this fake IPS officer. The authority also told that he has been running his scam through a  number of different states all over India. He was capable of doing this because of his strong and believable fake bio as written on his social networking sites. He also have good speaking skills which he has been using profoundly.
The doubt was built on when someone noticed the spelling of branch was  ' branche'. The suspicion was set in hence was investigated. It was investigated he was extorting money using his fake identity, and was apprehended for same.
Karan Sharma, Additional Superintendent of Police, Special Operation Group told that Abhay was in his early 20s and was detained for the extortion of money using his fake build identity of IPS officer.
"We formed different teams to chase Meena. While one team traced Meena's record, the other studied his social media profile and the third team personally chased him. And he was arrested on Thursday,"
 he added.
Abhay used to introduce himself as an IPS officer, and on his facebook page claimed many other things like - was an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) who is posted with CB-CID. He  also presented himself as an IIT graduate.
Using all the fake qualifications and post he used to avail free services in five-star hotels. Also used to attend parties in different states and then post photos from these parties. Abhay belonged to Piloda village in Sawai Madhopur.
He was caught from his posch flat in Jaipur. The authorities also seized an IPS officer's uniform, a wireless set, three airguns, and a fake ID card. He was living with woman from Uttarakhand.


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