21 more metro stations will have share cars starting August


For the commuters who are living far off from the nearest metro station to their home, Mega Cabs are going to start sharing cabs in August for more than 21 stations.Phase 1, which is teamed up with 42 functional stations, 11 of those stations have the convenience of share auto or share cars. The numbers are told by the Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) officials.

42 cars with a capacity of 5 individuals have been bought by Mega Cabs.

"Now the firm is in the process of getting permissions and subsequently it will start branding these vehicles. All cars will have the name and logo of CMRL for people to easily identify that the vehicle is ours and travel to the nearest station,”an official said.
The fares of these cabs will be as feasible as possible, as per the officials' statement.To start with this new plan, every station will be sanctioned with 2 cabs at an interval of 20 to 30 mins. After observing and calculating the need and requirement the number of cabs at duty will be increased.For better access to this facility of the shared cab, a commuter can book a cab to the nearest station with the help of their phones.


"Commuters can open the CMRL mobile app and if they click on a specific icon for the service, the vehicle will pick them up if they are in a 3-4 km vicinity,”the official said.

In the following weeks, CMRL will be installing boards with information about the new stations with this facility.


"This is done to ensure that there is no congestion and the vehicles are not parked haphazardly on the road. The boards will also be helpful for people to know there is last-mile connectivity available,”he said.
The CMRL stated that after the availability of share cabs, there will be a jump in the numbers of commuters. As of now, the metros are used by one lakh commuters each day.


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