Wear Your Shade - National Sunglasses Day


Wear your Shade - National Sunglasses Day

By - Shruti Gupta


The real beauty is and the real self is resting in your eyes. And it is the doorway to your real personality. People say eyes have the ocean of mysteries and secrets hidden within them. So wear your glasses and protect that ocean as well as your beautiful eyes. The real beauty is the real treasure. In today’s time when the sun is attacking at a professional level, and the lifestyle we live pushes us right underneath that hot sun, protecting yourself is the utmost important requirement.  We all are aware of the U.V. exposure rate in the atmosphere as well explained and shared about by the Vision Council. One of the best solutions for your eyes is sunglasses. It is a fashion statement as well as a health guard for your eyes. Also, the variety available is like a never-ending fountain. The trend of sunglasses has been in motion since the 19th century and has caught up phase. The range of quality and variety is vast as well as the target audience who use it. Whether it’s common school going student or a Hollywood celebrity, all are habitual of sunglasses because it is a solution to today’s eye issues. 



So, celebrate this year’s National Sunglasses Day on June 27, and wear your favorite shades to your favorite party and places with your buddies and family. This day has been a celebration day since 2009 and is a way to share the importance of protection of our eyes from UV exposure and other issues. So aware others and share your looks with all. 

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