Everybody will help you when you are in trouble


As a human, we need support to be alive. We can’t be all alone in life and live in a world where nobody loves us. Being with others is part of being alive but not every time you will be back by others. There are times when you will be alone because you need to be.


Where life will be so challenging that, it will disrupt your mental and physical abilities. Everyone has to face that situation once in life and everybody needs to defeat this situation to survive. Being, alone and fight for who you are the hardest thing God will make you do in your life. It is the test where you will learn the reality of life and experience what the world is about but the hardest thing in that situation is to survive.


A man has only one way to survive in that situation is to remember that what he is fighting. He is fighting to stay alive, to show all the people who think you don’t deserve the things you have, to show yourself who you are, to find more about yourself and the most important is to fight for the one who is waiting for you after the war of you being alone.


Try to remember their faces and their smile when they see you. They are your biggest support even you are alone and they are the biggest motivation to survive from the hardest situation in your life. when you are alone, you need to know there are people who always with you.

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