Don't be a Multi Tasker!

The term "Multitasking" has evolved during this era. People often use this concept for time management. If you are performing more than one task then you are a multi-tasker. But does it really help you in time management or just weakens your productivity? Performing more tasks at the same time doesn't let you give your 100% in any task which ultimately hampers your concentration power. Most of the time, meditation has been recommended to us for our well being, peace of mind, and concentration. But what actually the meditation referred to?


It means to focus on your inner self or in other words self-realization. If you will see what the meditators do or say. You will observe that most of them are taking their life easy and doing one thing at a time. Why make our life so hectic that we don't have time for ourselves? Is 24hrs timeless to perform one task at a time? And if it is so then we must analyze what is important. Time and Energy are limited. So, it's better to utilize your time and productivity. We can easily distribute our time and energy as per our priorities. Isn't it better to give 100% energy to work at a particular time then to give 20% energy to various tasks at the same time?




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