Don't give up !Just trust the timings

Most of the time we feel like we want to give up because things are not going at our expected pace. Sometimes we leave what we are doing because we see no growth. Most of the time we feel like ending everything because of failure we have experienced in our path. Whenever we feel low, depressed and overwhelmed with negative emotions because of ups and downs that Inivitly comes in life.


Whenever we feel like just quit, whenever we just not able to see the reason to continue living Just do remind yourself a simple thing, why? Why you started. You started because you wanted to do it. Life doesn't give anyone a challenge that they cannot handle. If there is a challenge you are facing know for sure you have the capacity to handle it. You have to understand the fact that when you were facing challenges and struggling, you were growing your roots to hold the grip of upcoming challenges. So don't give up on yourself.


Don't compare yourself to others. Just relax and keep working on yourself. Everything happens at the right time. So don't worry and don't hurry. One of the best things is patience. Farmers when they grow crops they nourish them, Water them and wait patiently to grow them. This comes with fruitful results. And if sometimes they fail they don't stop growing crops instead they learn from their mistake and move on with another fresh crop.

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