Law for Termination of Pregnancy in India

"According to research 56% abortion in India are unsafe and 10 women die due to it every day." There is no need to indulge in the reason behind abortion because it may be due to health issues or personal or social reasons or any other reason. The main focus is why 56% of abortion is unsafe? What are the provisions for termination of pregnancy? Section 3 of the medical termination of pregnancy act, 1971 states the provision for termination of pregnancy. abortion should be terminated within 12 weeks at 20 weeks.


If it exceeds 212 weeks then abortion will be terminated on the grounds that it may risk to life a pregnant woman or grave injury or mental health or the born baby will suffer physical or mental abnormalities and there would be no hope for recovery. The woman is required to get permission from the court for abortion after twenty weeks. In such cases the medical committee recommends the court and then it's up to the code and medical professionals to decide the termination of pregnancy. According to Aruna Muralidhar, gynecology at the fortis la Famille hospital said that there is not much difference whether abortion is conducted at twenty weeks or twenty-four weeks safety-wise. As women are not able to understand whether they are pregnant or not within twenty weeks.


That is one of the main reasons behind the approval of Medical termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill, 2020 by the Union Cabinet. The bill seeks to extend the period of abortion from twenty weeks to twenty-four weeks with a view to terminate a pregnancy safely and with the legal process as many times, women and their families are exploited and they face hurdles too.





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