Best Things In The World Are Free

Best Things In The World Are Free

You must have heard of the phrase "best things in the world are free". What does this mean and is it actually true? Well, if you ask me then every word of it is 100 percent true. Why do we use money? To buy something? And most of the time something is made by humans. But we know that the things around us like the nature, environment, the fresh air which we breathe, warmth of the sun which we feel are all free. These are the best things in life. We often tend to ignore them but we need to realize that those are the ultimate precious things in life. 


The following things tell us why the best things in the world are free:-

1. Nature: Have you ever gone trekking in high mountains? Have you done sky diving? Have you ever seen a sunset? Have you ever gaze at the night sky filled with stars? Well, the feeling which you get while experiencing it is incomparable. You cannot describe those feelings. It is just pure bliss. Nature is the greatest and ultimate architecture

2. Friendship: "A friend in a need is a friend indeed". This saying is true when you have a friend who is honest and supportive in everything you do. Having a friend is great. You get to hang out with them, you can have fun with them, you can help each other with anything. True friendship lasts life long and it helps us in every walks of life. Without a friend, one can feel lonely, demotivated, and depressed. 

3. Family: Family consists of father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, and grandmother. These people support in everything we do. They always want us to achieve something in life and become a great human being. They help you, take care of you and make sure you are okay every time there is a problem faced by them. 

4. Love: Having a significant other feels great. You have to spend the rest of your life together with them. You both can spend time with each other to get to know more about them. Being with them always gives a feeling of joy and happiness. Helping each other in everything they do and tackling problems together.

5. Memories: Memories are something that is made on their own. You cannot create a memory. Memories happen when you experience some amazing moment or feeling. This can be with some person or alone. Good memories, whenever we think of it, it puts a smile on our face. We cherish good memories for a lifetime.




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